Thursday, October 11, 2007

Too Much Campaigning

A long time ago, there wasn't instant communication, but people who ran for offices in this country reached most of the people in the country if they campaigned for one year.

Today, campaigning starts the minute that the election is over. I don't know about you, but for me, this gets to be little much. There's so much campaigning that I've started to avoid the notices that are sent to me everyday, and believe you me, I get a lot of them. If you were to look at my "slow mail" when I bring it in each day, you'ld think, "Wow! She either has a lot of bills, or she has a lot of friends." Hillary and Obama seem to think that I need reminders to remember them every day. Frankly, this battery against my senses has made me look a little more closely at John Edwards, and Joe Biden. Either they don't have as much money as H. and O., or they are using more sense in how they spend their money. Some of the others who're running are getting my attention now, too.

I've had e-mail communications numbering into forty or fifty a day, from the various candidates. At first I tried to read them because I wanted to make an informed decision when it came to voting. Today, I'm quite delighted to have access to a delete button. At least, trees aren't being wasted when a candidate uses e-mail!

There's not doubt about it. We desperately need some campaign reform. Limitations should be set regarding the amount of money that's spent, where the money comes from, and how much time can be used to sell yourself and your ideas to the people. It would be nice to know if there is a jewel of a person out there running for office that he hasn't already been purchased by big business.

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